Russell Smyth

Bingara NSW 2404
P:0428 684 227
F:(02) 6729 4103

Clearscan specialises in livestock pregnancy ultrasound scanning using techniques and the most up-to-date equipment to optimise the accuracy and efficiency of pregnancy diagnosis, and the wellbeing of your stock. We specialise only in pregnancy ultrasound scanning, backed up by Russell Smyth’s 30 years experience as a cattleman and manual pregnancy tester.

Pregnancy diagnosis via ultrasound scanning is highly accurate, efficient and kind on your stock. It can be performed as early as five weeks after joining, thereby giving you the opportunity to make earlier herd management and marketing decisions.

We are willing to travel any distance and we will work outside of office hours to get the job done when it suits you. Our rates are competitive and no job is too big, small or difficult. Please contact Russell to discuss your requirements or to find out when we may be demonstrating in your area.

Knowing early pays.